Stephen of Linthouse - a Shipbuilding Memoir


Sandy Stephen's account of the later years of the family shipbuilding firm is a "tour de force and must be recommended for every maritime library".
It was published in hardback by IESIS in 2015.

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IESIS has published its Transactions since 1857. These annual volumes form a unique record of engineering achievements.

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Volume 145 (2001-02) through to Volume 152 (2008-09)
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Mirror of History

Copies of the following book published by IESIS are also available on request:

Mirror of HistoryMirror of History - A Millennium Commemorative Volume containing 25 of the most influential papers from the 20th Century volumes of Transactions, published in 2000 to coincide with the Millennium celebrations. Authors include Charles Parsons, John Logie Baird, Jackie Stewart and Sir James Lighthill.

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